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Options Counseling

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What is Options Counseling?

ADRC Options Counseling is an interactive process where individuals receive guidance in their deliberations to make informed choices about long-term supports. The process is directed by the individual and may include others that the person chooses or those that are legally authorized to represent the individual.


Options Counseling is both the philosophy underpinning how ADRCs interact with individuals, as well as the process that ADRC staff use to support individuals and families to consider their options and access the right services and supports at the right time.

Options Counseling includes the following steps:

  1. A personal interview to discover strengths, values, and preferences of the individual and the utilization of screenings for public programs,
  2. A facilitated decision support process which explores resources and service options and supports the individual in weighing pros and cons,
  3. Developing action steps toward a goal or a long term support plan and assistance in applying for and accessing support options when requested, and
  4. Quality assurance and follow-up to ensure supports and decisions are working for the individual. Options Counseling is for persons of all income levels but is targeted for persons with the most immediate concerns, such as those at greatest risk for institutionalization.

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Updated 1/22/14