California Aging and Disability Resource Connection

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Useful Documents

ADRC Designation Criteria PDF | Word
These criteria, developed in collaboration with the ADRC Advisory Committee, serve as the framework for ADRC partnerships in California.


Designation Application and Instructions PDF | Word
Application document for ADRC designation as well as instructions to assist in the process.  Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.


Memorandum of Understanding PDF | Word
This three-way Memorandum of Understanding will be signed by the California Health and Human Service Agency and two ADRC core partners following the complete ADRC Designation application process.


ADRC Service Cost Tool

This Excel tool is designed to help Area Agencies on Aging, Independent Living Centers and other Aging and Disability Resource Connection (ADRC) partner agencies develop cost estimates for the services they offer.  These per-service cost estimates may be used to price services for potential purchasers of services.  These files are in Excel 2010 (xlsx extension).  We also include Excel 2003 versions (xls extension).


Excel Service Cost Tool – This blank version is the primary tool. (xls)

Excel Service Cost Tool “Example” – demonstrates how the tool can be used to cost out multiple services. (xls)

Excel Service Cost Tool “Scenario” – demonstrates how the tool can be used to cost out different scenarios for one service. (xls)


California ADRC Tool Box



Word document ADRC Coalition Contacts  (Updated May, 2013)

Word document Medical  Case Management (MCM) Contact List (statewide)

Program Management Tools

PDF file ADRC Implementation Guide
PDF file ADRC Implementation Guide Attachments
Word document  ADRC CTI Booklet
Excel document  ADRC Invoice Template

Development & ReadinessTools

Word document Enhanced I&A Drill

Improving Consumer Access

Word document Accessible Meetings
Word document Accessibility Tips

Ongoing Program Tools

PDF file Warm Transfers as an ADRC Call Center Strategy
Word document Sample Long-Term Care Options Tool Kit
Word document Sample STS vs Coordination
Word document #1 Sample Enhanced Information & Assistance Protocol
Word document #2 Sample Enhanced I & A
Word document Sample Long-Term Support Options Counseling Protocol
Word document Sample Partner Matrix—Texas

Promotional & Branding Tools

Word document Sample County Marketing Plan

ADRC Brochure Template
This brochure template has everything needed to print an 8.5 x 11" full color brochure.
The back panel is customizable so you may add your own contact information. The inside panels has a panel with website resources which you may add to.
Folder contains a PDF, an Adobe InDesign file, and fonts.
ADRC Brochure Template ZIP file 2.4 MB

Powerpoint document CalOptima's ADRC Presentation
Powerpoint documentOoA Presentation

ADRC Consumer Graphics

Word document Sample Website Screenshot
Word document ADRC Consumer Flyer
Word document ADRC Promotional Flyer

Protocol Samples

Word document Sample Advisory Committee Roles

Performance Reporting Tools

Word document ADRC Final Report Template (May 20, 2011)

Word document ADRC Semi-Annual Report Template (revised Sept-2010)

Word document ADRC Semi-Annual Report Instructions (revised Sept-2010)
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 If you hit snags on protocols or the reports or other areas of concern, don't hesitate to send email or call:

Paula Acosta, Technical Advisor/Consultant-Retired Annuitant OR
California Health & Human Services Agency


Cal Optima Semi-Annual Report Documents

PDF file Semi-Annual Performance Report October 09
Word document Semi-Annual Performance Report Template March 09
Word document Semi-Annual Performance Report April09
Powerpoint document Resource Complaint Procedure
Word document MOU-Master Template
Powerpoint document Customer Satisfaction Sample

Orange ADRC Documents

Word document Orange ADRC Promotional Items
PDF file Orange ADRC Tools, Presentations, Protocols & Case Studies (combined files)

Riverside ADRC Documents

Word document Riverside Boomer Report
Word document Riverside ADRC Universal Referral Form (page 1)
Word document Riverside ADRC Universal Referral Form (page 2)

San Diego ADRC Documents

Word document San Diego Call Center Consumer Satisfaction Survey
Word document San Diego ADRC Consumer Follow-up Cover Letter
Word document
San Diego ADRC Flowchart 9/9/10
CTI Program Flyer
Word document CTI Consent Final

San Francisco ADRC Documents

Word document San Francisco ADRC Community Organization Accessibility Survey & Cover Letter


Tools and information about ADRCs across the nation can be found at the federal Technical Assistance Exchange website


Medi-Cal 101: A Summary Discussion for ADRCs (Tuesday October 26)

This presentation can be either an introduction or a refresher session for ADRC professionals. It covers basic concepts of Medicaid coverage, and specifically Medi-Cal coverage of home and community-based options that can be alternatives to inpatient nursing facility care. ADRC and other staff can download the power point and a list of current Medi-Cal options; including who to contact for more information.

Powerpoint  Medi-Cal 101 PowerPoint
Word document  Medi-Cal Options for Long-Term Care

Aging and Disability Resource Connection (ADRC) Basics (May 13, 2010)

Powerpoint  PowerPoint (3.37 MB)

Youth Transition Services

Youth Transition Toolkit–A Guide For Youth Transitioning Into Adulthood


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