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Implementation Timeline

Please note these are target dates and subject to change.

LTC Financing Study                                                                    
Develop Scope of Work           Sept 2007
Contract with Researcher(s)      Oct 2007
Initiate Study Activities             Oct 2007
Complete Study                     April 2009
Disseminate Report                 July 2009

Aging and Disability Resource Connection (ADRC) Programs

Release RFP                                                     Dec 2007
Proposals Due                                                  Jan 2008
Award Contracts                                               Feb 2008
Execute 3-Year Contracts                                   May 2008
Begin ADRC Operations                                      Oct 2008
Field Test CalCareNet                                         Jan 2009
Contracts End                                                 April 2011

Release RFO                                                    Jan 2008
Select IT Vendor                                              Feb 2008
Initiate Web Portal Development                        May 2008
Field Testing                                                    Jan 2009
Launch CalCareNet                                            Feb 2009
End Date for Activity                                         Sept 2011

Data Warehouse Study
Develop Scope of Work           July 2008
Contract with Researcher(s)     Jan 2009
Initiate Study Activities            Feb 2009
Complete Study                     Feb 2010
Disseminate Report                May 2010


Updated 1/8/09